If you have changed your address, please update records with us, we are preparing files to mail your annual TRIM Notices.

The address we have on file as of July 30, 2021 will be used to mail annual TRIM Notices.  If you transferred or purchased property and recorded the deed after July 2, 2021, this notice may have been mailed to the previous owner.  Contact our office to get a copy of the notice.

2020-21 Budget

Property Owner Bill of Rights

"LATE" Filing for Agriculture Classification

If you owned property on January 1st and were using it for an Agricultural purpose to generate income from something being produced by the land, and you forgot to file for the Classification on March 1st, you “might” be able to still apply through September 17th at 5:00 pm.

See our Resources Section for Agricultural Owners and the link for the “Late” file 2021 Application Packet.

Public Records:

Primary Custodian of Records is Angela Gray; Secondary Contact is Debbie Pauley at 850-997-3356 or 480 W Walnut Monticello, FL 32344.

ADA Accessibility Statement:

It is our goal to provide a site that is accessible to all.  If you are having difficulty or need assistance please contact our office at 850-997-3356.