2023 Exemption Increases/Updates

Widow, Widowers, Disability and Blind exemptions automatically increase from $500 to $5000 this tax year.

The Low Income Senior Exemption  Income Limitation increased to $35,167 for 2023.

The 2023 Save Our Homes (SOH) Annual Assessment Change is 3%.

Public Records:

Primary Custodian of Records is Angela Gray; Secondary Contact is Debbie Pauley at 850-997-3356 or 480 W Walnut Monticello, FL 32344.

ADA Accessibility Statement:

It is our goal to provide a site that is accessible to all.  If you are having difficulty or need assistance please contact our office at 850-997-3356.

Notice of Certification – Monticello News This link is the official tax roll certification notice for 2022.